Apple Maps Leads the Way in Navigation

I use all 3 and Apple maps is the best. My only complaint is that Maps doesn't show enough traffic detail. After years of looking at Google Map's traffic, I just can't get used to Apple's "if it ain't red it's OK" mindset.

Waze if very fun. If I'm not really needing nav, I turn on Waze just to share telemetry and marvel at how many people ar

Eames, Polaroid and the SX-70

I vividly remember my Granny Lou and when I first saw her SX-70. It was the iPod for that generation; a magical, wonderful device. It was probably the pinnacle for Polaroid and a remarkable aesthetic achievement for the time. I'm not surprised to see that the Eames helped market it.

Scary though to think how many millions of those flash bars ended up in landfills.