Instagram and Lawyers

"Legal documents are easy to misinterpret." Kevin Systrom/Instagram

Really? I could have sworn legal departments were meant to be impossible to misinterpret. 

"One of the main reasons these documents don’t take effect immediately, but instead 30 days from now, is that we wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to raise any concerns."

Has this guy met a lawyer?

Adam Carolla's Mangria

At first whiff, Mangria smells like that sticky red punch that paints the corners of a child’s mouth a birthday party. To be honest, the taste isn’t much more masculine. Apparently the "Man" part comes from the alcohol content, which tops out at 20.9 percent, or about eight percent above what you get from your standard wine bottle.

I don't drink so I sadly will never know the joy of sticky red punch, but if you aren't listening to Adam Carolla's podcast you're missing something.


"But it would be a serious strategic error to assume that Instagram is primarily about filters. Instagram is a massively successful photo-sharing social network that offers filters as a nice touch. Twitter implementing filters will probably hurt Instagram as much as Windows hurt OS X by introducing translucent window chrome in Vista."

He's right. It's lame. I feel a sense of whimsy every time I launch Instagram. I never feel that with Twitter. 

The Best

For the last 3 years I've been working on minimizing. My thoughts are now filled with ideas like, "What would be the bare minimum I could be comfortable with?" These things are what I define as The Best. It represents an optimal choice between value and aesthetic and, of late, should be made in America when feasible. I sleep on Target Jersey Sheets because they're soft and disposable and I shudder to think what my dogs (and I) would do to a pair of white Pratesi. The flip side of that is my beloved Ducati 1198sp. The design debuted as the 1098 in 2007 and it's timeless. Completely impractical. Hard to ride. Expensive. But two years on, it makes me smile every time I see it. It's worth every penny.

The Best does it's job and gets out of the way.

Why Are Cable Companies Forcing People to Turn to Piracy?

You are not entitled to shoplift Birkin bags on the grounds that they are ludicrously overpriced, and you cannot say you had no alternative but to break into an the local ice cream parlor at 2 am because you are really craving some Rocky Road and the insensitive bastards refused to stay open 24/7 so that you could have your favorite sweet treat whenever you want. 

I listen to this kind of delusional conversation all day long with people I work with...AT CBS.

Apple Said to Fire Maps Manager After Flaws Hurt iPhone 5 - Bloomberg

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has fired the manager responsible for its troubled mapping software, seeking to win back the trust of users disappointed after the program debuted in September, according to people familiar with the move.

Hopefully this is a start, but I have my doubts.

This morning I said into the Maps app, "Hollywood DMV" and it botched it by sending me to a business called DMV in Hollywood, FL. Then I said it into the Google app and it found it instantly, only to spawn me off into Google Map's web app. I just tried it starting with Siri from the Springboard and it got it right.

What a mess.