The Story

I watched CNN when other kids were out playing; channel 10 on Columbus Cablevision. I wanted to see the bumper shots of the control room; all those buttons and screens. Cool! But, I quickly realized that live TV didn’t suit my perfectionist side. In my first job at a station with zero budget, I realized that with a little imagination and persistence I could make magic. I built a big number 6 out of Styrofoam and gold wrapping paper, hung it up with fishing line and keyed it over a star field. A passion for branding and design was born.

The Philosophy

While the technology has changed since then, the essentials have not. Simple, clear ideas, good visuals and an emotional response. Never dissolve when a cut will do. If you have a bin of swish pans in your Avid you're probably not my kind of creative.

It’s no longer enough to get the viewer to watch. We have to get them to share.

The Work

Director, Digital Content and Design at CBS

The digital space is about sharing and discovery so I work with multiple agencies, on-air, print and media planning to put the best creative we have for every show before our viewers in new and exciting ways. Sometimes the best marketing comes from fresh thinking, so at CBS we created the Eyelab, a digital marketing laboratory, specializing in long form and experimental marketing. I lead this team of new thinkers redefining how to engage an audience. It’s not just a 15/30/60 anymore. The Eyelab produces everything from viral video for Vine and Instagram to theatrical trailers shot on RED with 5.1 surround. Because these new strategies engage in social media, I also work with CBS Interactive, Publicity and our show producers to craft the network’s social strategy, making sure we speak with one voice across many platforms.

It may be digital, but CBS is also the Tiffany network and I’m proud of that. We recently celebrated the 60th anniversary of the CBS eye and I was honored to creative direct and design the ID celebrating an iconic brand’s mark. We also recently reimagined a sixties era local newscast for our new series Vegas, finally fulfilling my childhood dream of doing news.

Associate Creative Director/Executive Producer, Promo Design+Animation at CBS

After 2 years in the design seat I knew where the problems were and set about fixing them. We modernized the animation group, transitioning from a few mismatched PCs, one phone line and a stack of mimeographed work orders to 14 state of the art workstations, dual fibre channel networking, 100 terabytes, 2 xSans, and a comprehensive web based project and digital asset management system. The shiny new hardware needed a new home so we wrapped it all up in a new creative space for the design team.

Next up: the SD to HD transition and in program messaging. We freshened up the CBS eye and watermark for the HD era and then I teamed with media planning and engineering in a 5 year project to create an automated, streamlined workflow enabling a two person team in Los Angeles to create standard and custom in program messages, which then play out live from our New York operations center across multiple feeds and time zones.

With the factory humming, I turned my attention back to the creative. In 2009 I worked on a trade ad celebrating our status as the only broadcast network celebrating year over year growth. Almost immediately, I realized we had a bigger idea and the ONLY CBS visual identity was born. It remains the network’s brand today.


The Rest

Designer, Promo Design+Animation at CBS

Designer/Animator at ABC Family

Designer/Animator at Pittard Sullivan

Designer/Animator at Hothaus Design

Senior Designer at KDFW-TV

Post Editor/Designer at Sunbeam Television

Post Editor at KJTV34

Promotion Manager at KPEJ-TV

Production Manager at KIDY-TV

Because everybody needs a montage.

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior
My idea of fun; chasing Forest Whitaker and Janeane Garofalo in a maze.

Eco Ad
Image spots for the CBS environmental initiative.

Shot with RED on a rainy Sunday afternoon in Los Angeles; two giants of the game come together to invade an island.

2 Broke Girls
1000 pounds of sugar, 600 cupcakes, two of today’s hottest stars and one famous director.

Under The Dome
Trapped in a theater with the CBS summer hit.

Person Of Interest
It's J.J. Abrams. We're all confused. Let the characters explain it.