Four different ideas: cinematic, a branded solution, a tease and a shoot spot tag.
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The village by the bay as seen through windows, but there's more than meets the eye. Glass panels, glistening water, moonlight and the flicker of fires and lamps.
Think refracting antique glass; the ripples and blur revealing footage. 


This is a purely modern take which avoids any overt references to witchcraft or time period. The image would be provocative, but it's mitigated by the muted color and black field. The viewer takes one, DVR friendly, word away from this: Salem.

Rapidly moving horizontal slits would reveal imagery and bold, simple type. This also experiments with the idea of using the WGN triple boxes as an ellipses...a potential brand mnemonic.



For a potential teaser design, I wanted to do something frightening, but not overt. I modernized ye olde english font by customizing it and then enclosing it in geometry. Are they veins or are they branches? The birds will let you know.

Think drifting mist, maybe a bird or two...and a scream.

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A beautiful witch looks into the camera and opens her hand to reveal one of the iconic coins from the pilot, but the hand does not match the woman.